Hot Gothic Fashion For Summer

While some people feel as if 2016 has just begun, the reality is we are halfway over. The nice warm spring is behind us and despite the showers that many parts of the United States have been experiencing, summer is finally here. The nice weather has got some people shopping for classic summer wears including bikinis for sunbathing at pools and coastlines. Goths too have been around and about trying to update their wardrobes without yielding to the summer heat. If you are a fan of gothic fashion, you may want to know what to wear this summer. Below are some of the ideas you can pick up and run along with. Need to move all that stuff out try these guys try these guys for your nyc moving needs.

Laddered or Ripped Clothing

If you want to give your clothes a gothic vibe, ripping is the way to go. This style reduces the amount of fabric touching your skin. As with the last couple of summers, this summer is likely to see a continuation of grunge clothing style. If you are not a do-it-yourself expert, you may consider buying laddered clothes.


Wearing shorts gives you an exceptional opportunity to allow some garters peek through particularly if attached to thigh high socks or stockings. There are different varieties of garters out in the market today from those with lacey confections to ones with O-Rings. These are not only cute, but also add a sexy touch to your summer look.

Pale Neutrals and Ivory

Inasmuch as wearing white is one of the major talking points among Goths, there are other options that can give you an outstanding and stylish summer look. Trying out ivory and other pale neutrals can be a good idea. This is especially preferable if you are the type that is accident-prone and you don’t want the embarrassment of ruining your white garment a few minutes into the party.

Denim Vests

Wearing a black denim jacket instead of a black leather jacket is both a commendable change of style and a polite way of saving yourself from the boiling heat of summer. The good thing about black denim jackets or vests is, they are much simpler to customize. You can even Goth up your own vest the DIY style.

Fishnet Shirts

If you want to add an instant Goth appeal to your outfit, fishnet shirts are the go-to layering options. You can as well add safety pins or rips to these shirts so as to further accentuate their gothic touch. Adding sunscreen may just save you from those weird tan lines.

Always remember to layer light using breathable fabrics. These will allow you to keep cool during summer without compromising on your gothic style.

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