Are You Building a Street Goth Wardrobe? Here are the Best Brands to Look at

Street Goth is a style movement that has increasingly been gaining momentum. Initially, this style involved rocking the obvious brands such as Givenchy, Rick Owens, and Balenciaga and pairing them with sneakers. However, things have changed and other key players have come into the industry.

Street Goth fashion is a mixture of both high and low brands which depending on how you pull them off, can make you look really cool. The following are some of the brands you should be eyeing if you want to start building a street Goth wardrobe.

T by Alexander Wang

This collection helps you nail the street Goth look by allowing you to dress in from head to toe. The pieces you can find in this collection include tailored sweat pants, hoodies, U-neck tees, leggings, shorts, and so much more. In a bid to add a great contrast to the conventional black Goth clothing, T by Alexander Wang added a bright neon yellow to its collection.


Despite being a little on the pricier end of the spectrum, skin graft is worth the money. Pick any skingraft brand item from a tee, pant, to your favorite jacket and you can easily make your street Goth look. If you have been a keen follower of this label, you should have realized that they added leather snapbacks as well as some beanies for those who want to cop some accessories.

Sir New York

Considered as a newcomer in the street Goth fashion scene, Sir New York is causing some ripples in the industry as it moves towards the central position of fashion influence. This label is typified by its mix and match options including trousers, t-shirts, button-downs, and baseball tees which I must say are a huge trend in all seasons. Just like skingraft, Sir New York added pops of color as well into his collection in an attempt to break the black and white Goth monotony in wardrobes.


This is certainly a force to reckon with in Goth fashion. If you have been observant enough, you should have noticed how awesome its leather snapbacks, banana tees, and latest shoe design are. The STAMPD design crew is highly innovative and came up with an updated version of a creeper, a hard to pull off shoe, and carefully blended it with an absolutely classic wingtip silhouette. This makes this shoe one of the best in the fashion niche.


This collection famous for its retail stores has an incredible in-house design collection which must not be overlooked if you really want to properly execute street Goth. The label comes with tees and oversized hoodies that are cut in very interesting ways to look draped, asymmetric, and extra-long.

Cheap Monday

This brand first hit the Goth scene back in 2004. Even though people were a bit thrown off by its skull-with-a-cross-carved-into-the-forehead logo, the allure of Cheap Monday’s denim was evident. Its rip and repair as well as unique washes come in great prizes.

Other brands to look for include Black Scale, Comune, SSUR, and Kill City. Visit www.buckscountypainters for color ideas as well.