Summer Time!

Ok so if you live North of the equator then summer is on!

That means you’re going to have to completely change up the wardrobe. All that wool, big heavy jackets, gloves and boots is going to the back of the closet, storage or to charity. It’s a good time to clear out the closet with a nice spring clean and get rid of the stuff you haven’t worn at least once in the last year. I mean seriously if you haven’t worn in the last year what are the chances your actually going to wear it in the future? That’s right slim to none so do a good deed and take all that stuff and drop it off at your local thrift shop or charity.

Now lets get into the good stuff. It’s summer time and that means you’re going to be wearing some pretty skimpy stuff. Hopefully you haven’t put on a ton of weight in the winter time and actually subscribed to the saying summer bodies are made in the winter. Well if you have now you actually get to bust it out! Who wears short shorts? You do haha. Short shorts, tank tops, flip flops, heals whatever as long as it keeps you cool in the hot summer nights!

I know I will be wearing the least amount of clothing as legally possible and without looking like I’m a working girl. I wouldn’t want to attract the wrong kind of attention. But seriously I will be wearing my swimsuit everywhere. Is that tacky? I don’t think so! Just shows you that I’m ready for a swim anytime anywhere!

So where would I get all of this summer fashion tips? I don’t know how about you try a google search? It is 2016 after all! Certainly not going to get much product pitching here, just some vague ideas and commentary really awesome topics!

Stay cool…

Ahh what am I going to wear?

Ever wonder what to wear?

Think about how much time has been wasted trying to figure out what to wear tonight. I know this question has been asked of me probably at least 500 times!

Well can you could make the answer to that question a little easier by simply using the process of elimination.

What type of event are you attending?

Formal or casual, house party or night club, bar or dive bar, how far will you be walking? Dinner with friends or a date? Will there be dancing? There is nothing worse then wearing a pair of super cute heals and then hating them because they destroyed your feet after walking ten yards.

Ok so there you go that should get you started on the process of elimination. I mean how hard could it be really? Well I guess it could be really hard if you care about what you wear. Which I guess is most of us.

Can you believe that there are people who wear the same thing day in and day out just so they can save themselves the mental energy of trying to pick something out? That actually sounds kind of nice. There is that guy um I think his name is Simon? He is a judge and I think creator of one of those talent tv shows…Anyway he wears a black or white v neck t shirt every day. Oh and there was Steve Jobs he used to wear a black shirt and jeans everyday as well. I also think Mark Zuckerberg ¬†does the same thing. What an easy way out! Just wear the same thing everyday!

Well you and I both know we could never do that! Ok sorry for the little irrelevant tangent there. The truth is there is no shortcut to the dreaded question of what should I wear. The best coarse of action is at least make it a fun activity maybe with friends, music and perhaps some adult beverages?

Until next time good luck out there and what out for vampires!