Are You Building a Street Goth Wardrobe? Here are the Best Brands to Look at

Street Goth is a style movement that has increasingly been gaining momentum. Initially, this style involved rocking the obvious brands such as Givenchy, Rick Owens, and Balenciaga and pairing them with sneakers. However, things have changed and other key players have come into the industry.

Street Goth fashion is a mixture of both high and low brands which depending on how you pull them off, can make you look really cool. The following are some of the brands you should be eyeing if you want to start building a street Goth wardrobe.

T by Alexander Wang

This collection helps you nail the street Goth look by allowing you to dress in from head to toe. The pieces you can find in this collection include tailored sweat pants, hoodies, U-neck tees, leggings, shorts, and so much more. In a bid to add a great contrast to the conventional black Goth clothing, T by Alexander Wang added a bright neon yellow to its collection.


Despite being a little on the pricier end of the spectrum, skin graft is worth the money. Pick any skingraft brand item from a tee, pant, to your favorite jacket and you can easily make your street Goth look. If you have been a keen follower of this label, you should have realized that they added leather snapbacks as well as some beanies for those who want to cop some accessories.

Sir New York

Considered as a newcomer in the street Goth fashion scene, Sir New York is causing some ripples in the industry as it moves towards the central position of fashion influence. This label is typified by its mix and match options including trousers, t-shirts, button-downs, and baseball tees which I must say are a huge trend in all seasons. Just like skingraft, Sir New York added pops of color as well into his collection in an attempt to break the black and white Goth monotony in wardrobes.


This is certainly a force to reckon with in Goth fashion. If you have been observant enough, you should have noticed how awesome its leather snapbacks, banana tees, and latest shoe design are. The STAMPD design crew is highly innovative and came up with an updated version of a creeper, a hard to pull off shoe, and carefully blended it with an absolutely classic wingtip silhouette. This makes this shoe one of the best in the fashion niche.


This collection famous for its retail stores has an incredible in-house design collection which must not be overlooked if you really want to properly execute street Goth. The label comes with tees and oversized hoodies that are cut in very interesting ways to look draped, asymmetric, and extra-long.

Cheap Monday

This brand first hit the Goth scene back in 2004. Even though people were a bit thrown off by its skull-with-a-cross-carved-into-the-forehead logo, the allure of Cheap Monday’s denim was evident. Its rip and repair as well as unique washes come in great prizes.

Other brands to look for include Black Scale, Comune, SSUR, and Kill City. Visit www.buckscountypainters for color ideas as well.


Hot Gothic Fashion For Summer

While some people feel as if 2016 has just begun, the reality is we are halfway over. The nice warm spring is behind us and despite the showers that many parts of the United States have been experiencing, summer is finally here. The nice weather has got some people shopping for classic summer wears including bikinis for sunbathing at pools and coastlines. Goths too have been around and about trying to update their wardrobes without yielding to the summer heat. If you are a fan of gothic fashion, you may want to know what to wear this summer. Below are some of the ideas you can pick up and run along with. Need to move all that stuff out try these guys try these guys for your nyc moving needs.

Laddered or Ripped Clothing

If you want to give your clothes a gothic vibe, ripping is the way to go. This style reduces the amount of fabric touching your skin. As with the last couple of summers, this summer is likely to see a continuation of grunge clothing style. If you are not a do-it-yourself expert, you may consider buying laddered clothes.

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Top Feminine Wears for Summer 2016

Summer is finally with us, so we can warmly embrace the top fashion trends for 2016. There are certainly new looks that will have a huge impact on fashion wardrobes this summer. Below are some of the feminine pieces that will make heads turn this year. Oh and I just have to get this off my chest, moving totally sucks and it’s even worse if you have big fragile stuff but bucks county piano movers  saved the day with a flawless move for us. Anyways back to fashion!

The Slip Dress

The allure of underwear as outerwear is truthfully a big summer trend this season. Both on the front row and the catwalk, the slip dress is ubiquitous. It is effortlessly breezy and judging from the celebs spotted wearing slip dresses such as Kendall, Kim, and Rihanna, it is clear that this fashion item will be a big wear this summer.

There are many different ways you can wear a slip dress this season. For instance, you may decide to go super 90s and wear a skinny long sleeve tee underneath or team with a denim jacket. If the event is a date then a small clutch and strappy sandals will complete the look. If you have a challenge choosing the right color, pale neutrals such as blush, creamy nudes, or silvery metallic can go with almost everything you own.

A Ruffled Dress

If you have a penchant for drama and luxury then a beautiful dress with cascading ruffles is certainly a must have this summer. Previously, frills and ruffles were thought to be wears for childhood parties. However, summer 2016 is tilting the scales in favor of ruffles because they are back, decorating hemlines, collars, and forming cascading tiers. This is by far one of fashion’s most romantic trends.

The good thing with ruffles especially when given an elegant makeover, imbued a feminine charm and add a sense of drama thus making them perfect evening wears. You can opt for an exaggerated or structured flounce and a pair of tailored trousers to avoid a too saccharine look. To get the most out of a ruffled dress, try accessorizing it with a pair of opaque tights.

A Prairie Dress

This dress completes the festival look this summer. A prairie dress straddles both hardworking practicality and femininity. In itself, the prairie style has feminine romantic appeal and reminds onlookers of the brilliant women and girls of the Little House on the Prairie who toiled all day despite the scorching sun and drought-ridden summers. Wearing this dress gives you a part angel, part cowboy look that accommodates an active, outdoorsy lifestyle that allows you to do all manner of summer fun activities.

In summer 2016, the Prairie style has a bit of a reinvention and an added sensual feel. Designers have brought in cut-out detailing as well as touches of sheer fabric that give this dress a modern edge. For a modern Prairie girl look, you can pair your dress with lace-up jack boots or chunky biker boots.

Denim Miniskirt

Like most you probably donated that denim mini that was in 10 years ago but if you didn’t now is the time to dig it out because it is back in trend this summer. If you are looking for a fashionable wear for a creative or casual workplace over the summer, you can go for a denim pencil skirt without distressing or rips. For the best combination, you can team your denim skirt with pointed pumps and a button- down shirt. If you have a skinny belt, it can give you a great finishing touch because it accentuates the slimmest part of your waist.

If you want to stand out with an extra trendy look, adorning a button-front denim miniskirt toughened with a leather jacket and a black tee can give you exactly that. If you want to finish this look with ankle boots, wear them only if your denim skirt falls at or above your knees. To elongate your legs, you can opt for a lace-up pair with pointed toes.

Off the Shoulder Top

Shoulder-baring is sexy and chic without being obvious and attention grabbing. Off the shoulder looks have a breezy nonchalance that is almost impossible to find fault with. Lots of celebrities are showing off their décolletage with off the shoulder tops and it is a high time you also jumped into the trend for a share of its subtle sexy appeal. You can team this top with a matching studded miniskirt, a floral skirt, and summer slide sandals or better still with matching white shorts.

With the above picks, summer 2016 is bound to be absolutely fashionable and lively. Get out of wardrobe and embrace the warmth of fashion.

Summer Time!

Ok so if you live North of the equator then summer is on!

That means you’re going to have to completely change up the wardrobe. All that wool, big heavy jackets, gloves and boots is going to the back of the closet, storage or to charity. It’s a good time to clear out the closet with a nice spring clean and get rid of the stuff you haven’t worn at least once in the last year. I mean seriously if you haven’t worn in the last year what are the chances your actually going to wear it in the future? That’s right slim to none so do a good deed and take all that stuff and drop it off at your local thrift shop or charity.

Now lets get into the good stuff. It’s summer time and that means you’re going to be wearing some pretty skimpy stuff. Hopefully you haven’t put on a ton of weight in the winter time and actually subscribed to the saying summer bodies are made in the winter. Well if you have now you actually get to bust it out! Who wears short shorts? You do haha. Short shorts, tank tops, flip flops, heals whatever as long as it keeps you cool in the hot summer nights!

I know I will be wearing the least amount of clothing as legally possible and without looking like I’m a working girl. I wouldn’t want to attract the wrong kind of attention. But seriously I will be wearing my swimsuit everywhere. Is that tacky? I don’t think so! Just shows you that I’m ready for a swim anytime anywhere!

So where would I get all of this summer fashion tips? I don’t know how about you try a google search? It is 2016 after all! Certainly not going to get much product pitching here, just some vague ideas and commentary really awesome topics!

Stay cool…

Ahh what am I going to wear?

Ever wonder what to wear?

Think about how much time has been wasted trying to figure out what to wear tonight. I know this question has been asked of me probably at least 500 times!

Well can you could make the answer to that question a little easier by simply using the process of elimination.

What type of event are you attending?

Formal or casual, house party or night club, bar or dive bar, how far will you be walking? Dinner with friends or a date? Will there be dancing? There is nothing worse then wearing a pair of super cute heals and then hating them because they destroyed your feet after walking ten yards.

Ok so there you go that should get you started on the process of elimination. I mean how hard could it be really? Well I guess it could be really hard if you care about what you wear. Which I guess is most of us.

Can you believe that there are people who wear the same thing day in and day out just so they can save themselves the mental energy of trying to pick something out? That actually sounds kind of nice. There is that guy um I think his name is Simon? He is a judge and I think creator of one of those talent tv shows…Anyway he wears a black or white v neck t shirt every day. Oh and there was Steve Jobs he used to wear a black shirt and jeans everyday as well. I also think Mark Zuckerberg  does the same thing. What an easy way out! Just wear the same thing everyday!

Well you and I both know we could never do that! Ok sorry for the little irrelevant tangent there. The truth is there is no shortcut to the dreaded question of what should I wear. The best coarse of action is at least make it a fun activity maybe with friends, music and perhaps some adult beverages?

Until next time good luck out there and what out for vampires!